How do I connect to a Calibre catalog on my wireless network?

Calibre is free software for the Mac and PC that allows you to manage and organize your collection of eBooks. Calibre also has a built in server that allows you to connect to your catalog and download eBooks over a wireless network.

First make sure that the content server in Calibre is turned on. It should be on by default.

If your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is connected to the same wireless network as your Mac or PC, then it should automatically recognize and add the Calibre library to your list of book catalogs.

If MegaReader doesn’t find the catalog automatically, first try restarting the Calibre app. If that doesn’t work, then try resetting your device.

If it still isn’t recognized then you can add the Calibre address manually.

On the Book Catalogs screen, tap Edit (on the top right) and tap the ‘+’ in the green circle. Then enter the Calibre URL, a title, and an optional subtitle.

The Calibre catalog URL is of the form http://hostname:8080/opds. For example, http://Patricks-MacBook-Pro.local:8080/opds.

The hostname is usually the name of your computer. To find the name of your computer on a Mac, look under System Preference → Sharing. To find it on a PC, look under Control Panel → System, or Control Panel → System and Security → System.

If your Calibre server has a username and password, you can embed the credentials in the URL, in the form of http://username:password@hostname:8080/opds. For example: http://patrick:mypassword@Patricks-MacBook-Pro.local:8080/opds.

If you are having troubles connecting, then try entering the Calibre server URL into the web browser on your device. If you can access the Calibre server from your device’s web browser, then it should work from MegaReader. If it cannot find the catalog then there might be a Firewall on your Mac or PC blocking access, or there might be another application using the 8080 port.

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